Seeing it Anew, for a New Full Spectrum Experience

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Have you ever heard someone say “I can’t believe I never noticed that before?”
Have you ever said it yourself?

How many times do we have to see something before we really notice it?
“IT” could be just about anything, actually, and once you start to think about “IT,” the  list just grows.
For example:

  • Special People: recognizing, appreciating, not taking them for granted
  • Disorder: Walk into a room you have not been in for a while and see it with new eyes open
  • Color: combinations of color and new ways of seeing what’s familiar
  • Ideas: open your mind, open your heart!
  • And then of course what can follow is “open heart, open mind!”

What are your recent Openers that you want to share here? Just leave your comment to this post.

Often we’re simply ‘stuck’ in the place we are. Emotionally, physically, and environmentally—from the perspective of trying to make even a small change. Color and even simple design changes can help to create a full-spectrum life.

Sometimes an outside view is just what’s needed to reflect and have a new experience.

Folk Tales of the Amur

Open up to new experiences, starting with Color!

If  you want help seeing—and experiencing—your own environment with a new view, just let me know.
Helping people get ‘un-stuck,’ and evolve through their color and design dilemmas, is my specialty.

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6 Responses to “Seeing it Anew, for a New Full Spectrum Experience”

  1. ruth olbrych

    Lovely post Barbara…like the visual with it.
    Can’t say I’m too stuck right with the transition I find myself in…no chance for stagnation 🙂
    But I hear you. I’m not as in tune with my surroundings as I should be, and funny you write this, as JUST TODAY I found myself actually taking in my current surroundings….listening (hearing) the birds, feeling the woods around me…not taking it for granted but enjoying it….all good.

  2. diane

    interesting thoughts….as I get older I try to take in each moment and file it away in my memory to enjoy at a later date as well whether it is a beautiful garden, an interesting interaction between people that I witnessed or just the sounds of a party I am attending. thanks for reminding us all to take just a moment……..

  3. Mary Ellen Lapp

    That just happened to me, Barbara. After being away for the summer, I walked into my condo and saw the space with new eyes. Seemed bigger than I remembered. My experiences over the last three months have changed my perspective.

  4. Teresa Tullio

    Nice post Barbara. I enjoy this topic and in fact just finished teaching a bit on this very same subject to my new ccolor class. The process of getting “unstuck” is necessary to us as color professionals but it also helps our clients. Getting unstuck can be a joyful experience!


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