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How to Choose?
Enjoy the process—and the resultsof making interior and exterior color decisions you’ll love to live with.

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The best professional “long-distance” color consultation service even includes a look at your home or other building with new colors, before you paint!

Interior and Exterior Color Consulting
On-Site or Long Distance, Color-Quick or Full Service

I often work with clients by e-mail and US mail, starting with a set of print or digital photos of your site that you provide. Upon receiving your completed Integral Color and Design Profile™ questionnaire , your photos, and payment for your project, I can begin to select the best colors for your home or other buildings. For remodeling or new construction, I would work from architectural drawings and elevations, combined with your photos of the building site and the surrounding areas.

Good communication is critical. I’m available during the process to answer your questions and provide any possible color references to help you visualize your new paint color combinations.

Even if you’re not in the areas noted above, you can benefit from an on-site visit. Contact me about traveling.

Use color to get results in the workplace

  • Staff is more productive and efficient
  • Staff identifies more strongly with the company
  • Improve employee morale and job satisfaction

The right colors can also help in

  • Manufacturing-Increase efficiency and safety in production
  • Multiple-building sites-increase sense of community, pride of ownership, “street

How can your color choices make a difference?
Color has a significant psychological and biological impact. Color is about quality of life.

Exterior or interior, architectural color is about much more than “just paint.
Color decisions for any materials are a key part of the picture in all types of built environments:

  • Residential
  • Corporate
  • Health care and small medical offices
  • Assisted living
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants and entertainment
  • Fitness facilities

Please email to inquire about the possibilities in using our long-distance, email color consultation services.

From the outside to the inside, Supportive Color Design is Color With a Purpose

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