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Color Design & Consultation for Business Owners 

Color is crucial in your business.
From your corporate identity to the colors of your workplace, color plays a big part in how you feel, work, and communicate.

Is your company a Start-up, or Established?
Any type of business can benefit from using the right colors—effectively.

Color services for business owners include your space, your business, and your products

  • Environmental color: supportive color in your place of business
  • Identity: connect and communicate with color in all your collateral materials
  • Color design for new or existing products
  • Create personalized email newsletters with a sense of artistry as well as your business message
  • Colors for web site development
  • No ‘cookie-cutter’ color palettes, the colors I create for you will communicate your message in a thoughtful way
  • Create unique Power Point presentations for you to use, with the information you provide.
  • Create entirely new color selections for you
  • Review and make recommendations for your existing or proposed palette

Client comment

 “Barbara Jacobs played a key role in the development of a new range of color/finish offerings for a major new product line.  Acting as an adviser to the project’s combined design and marketing team, Barbara provided an insightful interpretation of how different finish options would effect the perception of the installed product by the targeted architectural/interior design communities.  Early reviews showing the resulting recommended color palette on the new product revealed that the selected colors were in fact a significant contributor to the perceived overall quality and value of the design.

In addition to her own experience and skills, Barbara was able to leverage her contacts within the industry to help set up a unique focus group of experts.  Barbara’s preparation of illustrative samples facilitated the translation of the group’s expertise into language and forms that the design and marketing groups could utilize. We were very satisfied with Barbara Jacobs’ efforts to guide us towards an important new use of color in our designs.”

The right colors help your workplace, marketing materials, and products.
The decisions you make about color are as important as your other design and marketing decisions, because the physical and psychological influences of workplace color also extend to your customers or clients.  My access to cutting-edge trend information will apply to your product colors. I want to help you get the greatest benefit from your color choices.

Our unique inter-disciplinary, integral approach to supportive color design applies an understanding of applied color psychology and human response to color.

For Your Marketing Plans: Color and the “Bottom Line”
Color accounts for 60% of our response to a product, place, or circumstance. Make your color decisions count. It’s for your business, not about “my favorite colors.”
Contact Barbara Jacobs Color and Design
for impartial professional results.

Start with a market evaluation for any type of business project
Using our initial in-depth interview process we create your Color Profile for all aspects of any type of project we’re doing for you.

  • For site-specific color design the profile may include information about the physical aspects of your workplace, the tasks of the people who work there, and your goals for the business that relate to your design project.
  • Special consideration goes to the work activities and the ergonomic needs of your staff.

Give Color a Chance!
Get the best results with the right colors in your marketing materials and your products

  • Generate desired impressions and positive consumer responses
  • Increase product sales through product color design
  • Send the right message about who you are and what you do

Detailed Written Specifications
For accurate color use, our color specifications will reference your choice of materials.

Professional Affiliations
International Association of Color Consultants & Designers (IACC)
IACC Accredited Color Consultant/Designer – since 2000
Rugmark/Goodweave: working to end child labor in the rug industry

Each project is unique. The actual fees will depend on the services you require.
Contact me now about Your project.


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