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Color-Quick or Full Service

On a budget? Undecided about your colors?

Don’t wait until the painter is at your door!
Jump start your interior and exterior color selections with Color-Quick to solve these dilemmas:

  • Confusion or being overwhelmed by the numbers of paint chips to choose from?
  • Not sure which brand of paint will give you the best results?
  • Spending a lot of money on buying paint to test – then having cans of paint and no place to use it
  • Spending a lot of time thinking, considering, comparing, selecting
  • Testing a variety of colors right on the wall, and being even more confused when you look at them
  • Asking friends and family and still not satisfied
  • Making a confident decision about the best color
  • Wanting to love the colors you chose

If you’ve experienced any of these dilemmas, ask about my professional Color-Quick solution to selecting paint colors for your residential or commercial interior or exterior.  Owners of buildings with more extensive architectural detail will benefit from my Full Service Consultation.

Both types of consult service are available for on-site  consultation in the greater Boston area, traveling to on-site consultation projects, or color-by-mail services for exterior and interior work.

Both types of service have these options

Contact me for On-Site or Color by Mail color solutions.

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