Photo Tips

Photo Tips

Designer Color Palettes, and Consultation by mail
Check out these tips for taking photos, and submitting them for digital image processing.

Better photos get better, more detailed color results.
Taking care to follow these guidelines will be appreciated!

Designer Color Palettes: Digital Image Processing
Want to see what your house will look like with new colors, before painting?
That’s possible! Just remember, the simpler your view, the better the results.

  • In addition to the following tips, try to keep ‘visual clutter’ to a minimum.
  • For this purpose, the focus is on your house and how it will be painted.

What to photograph

  • Your house or other building as seen from ‘across the street’ or other approach
  • A view of your house that fills the entire image area
  • All sides of the building
  • Detailed Closeups of all architectural features like
    • Windows, doors, casing details (millwork/moldings)
    • Porches, stairs, railings and balusters
    • Eaves, brackets
    • Other architectural details or embellishments
  • Fences: gates, posts, finials
  • Ornamental and functional ironwork
  • Chimney detail or general closeup
  • Walkways
  • Chimneys

Please include views of the neighborhood looking away from your house

  • Neighboring homes, nearest and across the street (a few)
  • Include notes about their location in relation to your home

Please include any significant landscape, hard-scape, and decorative items.
These items will be of help if you are asking for color recommendations. Send them as additional images, for reference. They do Not all have to be included in the picture of your building that you want edited for new color views.

  • Patios, flowering shrubs, gardens, pools
  • Artwork, like sculpture, exterior color tile mosaic, or anything else of note
  • Other features

Label your pictures
Most people send good quality digital images, but if you send prints, please label them on the back or on front with post-its.

  • Please do not use the number your camera automatically gives each picture.
  • Rather: To help me keep track of your personal project please name your digital files like this:  YourName_description.jpg
  • Keep the description brief, for example:  JohnSmith_Housefront-1.jpg

Technical Tips

  • Bright sunlight creates hard shadows.
  • Take your photos on an overcast day.
  • Shoot all sides of the building with details as above.
  • If there are shadows you can use flash to add light into the close-ups of details.
  • Zoom in as much as possible for details of all architectural features noted above.
  • If you only have sunny days then shoot when the sun is on the side you are looking at. Be aware of shadow areas.
  • Closeups: Remember, even for roof-line pictures you can use your zoom.

Sending the images
Digital images: Send via email. Zip all together into 1 file and use
Follow the direction on the site. It’s Free and the best way to easily send large files.
Email to:

Still using 35mm film? Send the actual prints in 4×6 or 5×7 size, or take to a processor and make a CD. Then, you can either load it into  your computer and zip/email it, or just send me the cd in the mail.

If you are sending prints or a cd in the mail, you can include  your completed Integral Color Profile Questionnaire and your check, in the package.

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