The Consultation Process

The Consultation Process

Step by Step: The Consultation Process – Interior or Exterior
The process is similar whether we’re doing an on-site consultation or a consultation by mail, with our Designer Color Palettes service.

Site evaluation includes

  • Assessing the physical aspects of the building and surroundings
  • Defining the needs of the people using the space
  • Our Integral Color and Design client profile becomes an important reference

Using the Color Profile

  • Functionality is key throughout the process
  • Completed profile questionnaire includes the details of your design goals.
  • We’ll refer to this profile during the course of the consultation process.
  • You will receive a link to a form you can complete and submit online.

Exteriors or multiple-building sites
We consider many aspects of the surroundings as well as the people who will be using the buildings.

Supportive Color Design – a Synthesis of Art and Science
As your color specialist, my objective guidelines are grounded in a multi-disciplinary approach, the basis for creating your new color palette.

More simply: a Palette review of existing colors
For the times when you need an objective professional review of your existing or planned palette.

Manufacturer color samples in largest available size
Delivered directly to the address you provide, these are always included at no additional charge.


  • Digital imaging of color areas
  • Actual painted color cards in extra-large size

Detailed Written Specifications: paint and any other relevant materials
For accurate color placement, specifications will reference your choice of materials.

Long-distance? Check out our Designer Color Palettes service now.

Whether for Color-Quick or Full Service consultation, each project is unique. The actual fees will depend on the services you require.
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