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As reflected light, color is what gives form to shapes—and shape to forms.

Providing an impartial opinion

Because my viewpoint is one where function and ergonomics are the first consideration—and personal color preferences are second—I am able to contribute objectively as needed to the dialogue between you and your client and will be involved in your color choices at any point in the design process, as best suits your needs.

As an IACC accredited color consultant/designer my  multi-disciplinary approach is centered on the functional aspect of color placement and human responses to color. Combining this more scientific view of color selection with a background in fine arts and experience with many methods and materials for color application creates the broad perspective that I bring to your projects.

I’m always happy to answer any questions.

The perfect solution for architects and developers
When the subject is exteriors, interior, or multiple-building sites we always consider many aspects of the surroundings as well as the people who will be using the buildings.

Use my Designer Color Palettes service for your own client presentations.
This convenient service allows you to show your clients how their home or commercial building will look with the colors you specify for their interiors and exteriors.

Creating optimum supportive environments
These critical issues apply to each project:

  • Color is more than decoration
  • The importance of the psycho-physiological effects of color
  • The relationship between visual ergonomics and color
  • How the built environment influences well-being

Working with your choice of materials
Because the products you want to use come in many colors and finishes, specifications for the project will usually be based on the resources available among your choices of materials.

Specialty finishes and murals
Our original surface finishes include The Metropolitan Collection, a new concept in decorative finishing that allows you to show actual examples of finishes along with the other design materials you present to your clients. This is our original alternative to more expensive processes of creating decorative finishes for commercial and residential spaces.

If you have already determined your color palette we will work with your color palette in creating decorative finishes for your project. Find out more about our varieties of decorative finishes and murals.

The Consultation Process – Interior or Exterior

Site Evaluation
The first step includes assessing the physical aspects of the site and the needs of the people using the space. Functionality is key in this process. Our Integral Color and Design client profile becomes an important reference. The Color Profile for your client project includes the details of your design goals for the client and their needs and activities. We will refer to this profile during the course of the consultation process.

Supportive Color Design – a Synthesis of Art and Science
Our objective guidelines are grounded in a multi-disciplinary approach, the basis for creating your new color palette.

Palette Review of existing colors
For the times when you need an objective “2nd opinion” professional review of your existing or planned palette.

Detailed Written Specifications
For accurate color placement, specifications will reference your choice of materials.

Professional Affiliations
International Association of Color Consultants & Designers (IACC)
IACC Accredited Color Consultant/Designer
RugMark/Goodweave: working to end child labor in the rug industry

Each project is unique. The actual fees will depend on the services you require.
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Authoria, Inc., Corporate Headquarters Color consultation and various specialty finishes throughout two floors office space and recreation area. —Waltham, Mass.
Working with Barbara on our project was a collaborative process that delivered outstanding results. As part of our team, she gave the project the "visual energy" we were seeking for this young and growing company. She produced a palette of colors, which still look fresh today, and combined them to create a series of decorative finishes which were used throughout their corporate headquarters as well as an off site training facility. The end results were unique spaces that helped create and convey our client's corporate identity in the marketplace.
—Cynthia L. Brumm Consulting Interior Designer Cape Ann Design Group Gloucester, MA

What is Visual Ergonomics?
"Visual ergonomics" refers to an aspect of design and color placement that specifically shows concern for good seeing conditions. These conditions affect our visual efficiency and comfort in the environment, thereby safeguarding our eyes and creating a more healthy and productive work place.
According to the IACC, in the USA alone, Billions (yes, billions—not millions) of dollars are lost each year because of health problems for workers who fail to come to work due to various problems that in some way result from the wrong positioning of their computer monitors (visual problems, headaches, back pains etc.).

I will provide an impartial perspective on your project, helping you create supportive spaces...

Color affects your bottom line. Let color work for you in your workplace, your marketing materials, and your products.

Embrace Color with Confidence! Enjoy the process of making interior and exterior color decisions...