Designer Color Palettes™

Designer Color Palettes™

Enjoy the View!
See what your interior or exterior
will look like before you paint!

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Designer Color Palettes is a new, online version of the professional architectural color consulting service offered by Barbara Jacobs in person and enjoyed by homeowners, business owners, and design professionals nationwide, since 1984.

Get the help you need, Right Now.
Even if you have already done initial color selection yourself, you can see what they look like before you paint.

What does that mean?
Three DCP™ Design Packages: get the details
All include personal communication with Barbara Jacobs and colored versions of your home or other building, using the images you provide.

  • If you’ve selected colors yourself and want to see how they will look,
    you can see results using colors from many paint companies.
  • If you also need some help selecting colors, that is always an option.
  • Some call it “virtual painting,” but it’s more realistic looking than you might think.
  • All original texture and details of your image remain in tact and realistic.

An example: Large condo complex
Shown: two proposed color schemes of the same buildings: “Scheme 1,” and two options for “Scheme 2.”

Here’s the same condo group, after painting with the new colors.

Cambridge CoHousing, with new colors

The same buildings painted with new colors. Note how similar it looks to the digital version!

Smaller residence: An example of one house view, showing three color palette variations
On an smaller scale, these are three examples of digital views for a home’s exterior colors.
Click on each of the three images below to see large views of the realistic details showing “before” and 2 “re-colored” versions!

“BeforeA little more color Version 1 A more dramatic change Version 2

“Virtual Painting” and consultation services from “basic” to complex: Exterior or Interior

Choose from these 3 levels of DCP flat rate services.

Customize your service – Options are available.

  • Basic – Exterior
  • Beyond Basic – Exterior
  • Interior color
  • You will receive your invoice from us through
  • Make your payment to us through
  • We’ll start the process once you submit your image(s) for us to work with

It’s easy to order Designer Color Palettes services
Rates depend on the number of images or views you want to see, colors you want to use, and other details.
Find out about photo-correction and make your initial selections here.

Design/Build professionals—Save time,  I’ll do the work for you.

  • Planning a development? See the color design before construction begins—with our architectural color specialist services.
  • If you are a design professional and/or do not need color consultation services, ask about a trade account.

More complex buildings?
Send a note, get a quote.
This could be a special private residence, commercial building or multi-structure development.
If your image reflects a home or other building that is more complex than fits in either of the above levels, I will send you a quote for your project, per your request.

Are your images perfect, or do you want to make them better?
Check out these photo tips.
Ask about help in getting the best view possible with your images
If your images are not perfect, you can order special processing to remove unsightly items like signage, telephone poles and cars, in order to view your home at its best. Additional fees apply for this service.

Disclaimer and paint testing tips read the details here

Read some of Barbara’s client comments here, and then enjoy the results of Barbara’s professional expertise for your own home or commercial space. As an IACC accredited color consultant, Barbara is particularly knowledgeable about using color for maximum effect and benefits in creating supportive environments.

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