DCP™ Photo Corrections

DCP™ Photo Corrections

Photo Corrections Options and Examples

The information on this page will help you estimate, in advance, what the charges will be when you upload your image for processing. This is for your convenience, since payment for all work ordered is due prior to uploading.

Decide on the service you want.

  1. Check out the 4 levels of photo processing options below, with examples.
  2. Decide which corrections (level 1 through 4)  you want to include.
  3. Submit your order.
  4. You will receive an invoice from us, via email from Paypal.
  5. Upon receipt of your payment, you will be able to upload your image(s).
  6. Then your order will be processed.

You’ll be notified when your new color views are ready. We’ll send you the completed image(s) in .jpg or .pdf format.

Basic Preparation – it all starts here
Basic consultation or image services, see Designer Color Palettes.

Some call it “virtual painting,” but our consultation services are very real!

Photo correction services: Four Levels
Select the level of “repair work” you want done to the picture of your home or other building.

Prices apply to work to be done for each image ordered, in addition to the basic services already described on the Rates and Menu page.

Level 1:  $20
Example – repair sections of wall plastering

Level 2:  $35
Example – Remove small objects such as shrubs, street name signs, traffic signs company name boards and billboards, or increase the brightness of the photo.

Level 3:  $45
Example – Remove large objects such as cars, trees or multiple objects like garden furniture or playground equipment.

Level 4: $55
Example – Remove complex and large objects and add new structural components such as walls, windows, roofs, etc.

Let’s Put it All Together: Order your Designer Color Palettes™
I look forward to helping you see your ideas in new colors!

Barbara Jacobs

Disclaimer and Tips for Testing your Paint Colors
Read this important information and get tips for testing your actual paint colors.

Read some of Barbara’s client comments here, and then enjoy the results of Barbara’s professional expertise for your own home or commercial space. As an IACC accredited color consultant, Barbara is particularly knowledgeable about using color for maximum effect and benefits in creating supportive environments.

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