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ICFF 2012: Something multicolored, something blue, and many things new.

It’s not borrowed. It’s multicolored, and it’s sometimes blue.

Not talking about “June weddings.” In this case, it’s the ICFF show (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). A great place to see international contemporary culture expressed in design. Sometimes reflective of something old, and in many cases something new, and always interesting.

In any case, I always find this show enjoyable on many levels. Seeing many of the latest new products, color trends and design trends from international designers, and talking with some of them in person, is an experience I find fun and inspiring.

LIghting at ICFF

Hand blown glass fixtures - glowing frosty finish

So, to share just a few of the items that piqued my interest for a number of reasons…
I enjoyed a brief conversation with Jamie Harris, the artist who created these beautiful hand blown glass light fixtures

ICFF light

Hand blown glass fixtures - metallic shimmer

ICFF lighting

Sheer color in gorgeous hand blown lighting


Still on the subject of light, check out these amazing solid acrylic tubes. Colors infuse the entire material throughout, and the colors change as you move around the piece according to viewing angles. Even the edges are luminously multicolored

LED acrlic solid tube

Walk around and see how the color changes. View 1 of 4

.ICFF lights

View 2

ICFF lighting

View 3
ICFF lighting

View 4

Imagine the setting for these beautifully sculptural light fixtures.

Moving along to see some furniture, something I always enjoy.

glowing furniture

Fantasy cabinets - one of a few from Boca Do Lobo


It’s not just a stack of sample finishes…Each drawer is an individual, functional drawer.
unique furniture

The upper section, and the surface shown below, is beaded by indigenous Huichol people in Mexico. From Espacio Sami Hayek. How do you like the wood?

Note: the picture on their web site is Not of their ICFF booth…at least not the one I saw there.


Closeup of the artistic detail on this credenza by the same company, Espacio Sami Hayek.

display booth

Closeup of a metal wall of a display "booth"

japanese tetilres

Something Blue! So very beautiful, and "Wabi-Sabi." Amazing textiles from Kyoto Rakushian

closeup japanese textiles

I could not resist sharing a closer view.

And last, but not least, for now…

funky furnituire

Just so we don't get too serious..simple, funky, and having a sense of humor.

So much to see and enjoy in one day, these are just a few of my favorites.

Do you have a favorite? If so, which piece–and where would you use it?


Fashion in Colors

Fashion in Colors (Paperback)

By (author): Paul Warwick Thompson, Yoshikata Tsukamoto, Barbara Bloemink

Color is Life " Wrote the Bauhaus Theorist Johannes Itten,and this is Certainly holds true in the words of fashion and design.

The spectrum of color: content, interest, application, social meanings, trends, materials (to name just a few) naturally includes textile design and fashion. Even if we’re not “fashionistas” (one of those questionable words that somehow actually means something), “Fashion” is in our lives.

Fashion in Colors - the book

Book cover: Fashion in COLORS

Might as well enjoy it!  And to do so, check out Fashion in COLORS, published for the exhibition, “Fashion in Colors,” at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum at the Smithsonian Institute, 2005-2006, curated by Akiko Fukai.

According to the inside cover, the origin of the book was the original exhibition organized by the Kyoto Costume Institute, that was shown at the National Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto, 2004.

One unique aspect of this book is in the presentation. Sections on artists, designers, and color families make it a unique exploration of color and design. Works by the iconic designers whose names you will recognize are fascinating and the photography is simply astounding. It’s a complete immersion in color, shape, texture, textile design, and information.

List Price: $45.00 USD
New From: $35.00 USD In Stock
Used from: $5.66 USD In Stock

September is Colorful at the BDC–and more

A brief visit to the Boston Design Center yesterday inspired me to take some quick shots of colorful displays that include some interesting patterns.

Painted furniture at Grange

Painted furniture at Grange

Chocolate brown with turquoise was a theme at a few locations. Looks like this beautiful combination is here to stay for a while!

Chocolate Brown with Turquoise

Chocolate and Blue, or Turquoise, is here to stay for a while

Another view of this combination

More items in chocolate and turquoise

More of the chocolate-turquoise combination

This is Not at the BDC--but you can see the color combination works here at Silk Road Weaves, as well

LOOPY/Meandering from Silk Road Weaves

LOOPY/Meandering, in 100% Himalayan wool, from Silk Road Weaves

Back at the Boston Design Center, adding a twist of earthy yellow-green, Lee Jofa shows this great skirt!

Decor and Fashion - make the connection!

Connecting Decor with Fashion at Lee Jofa

Personally, I love the connection between decor-and-fashion. (More about this in some future posts)

The tribal look of Ikat weaving is looming large. In this case, probably not genuine tribal Ikat, but it’s the look that people see.

What is Ikat? a quick technical note…
True Ikat, a method of weaving that involves dyeing a design on the loom, is a highly labor-intensive process. Imagine this: Attach the warp materials (thread or yarn, running lengthwise) on the loom to prepare for weaving. Tie off specific areas of the warp, on the loom, to create the basis for the design. Then, weave your design with yarns or threads previously dyed in a specific way to intersect with the dyed warp. That’s just the quick-story of only one method of Ikat dye and weaving process.

If you want to find out more about Ikat weaving, look for one of my favorite books on the subject, coming soon to our Design Library.

More evidence of this influence, in bedding…

Ikat influence at Kravet

View into the Kravet showroom: Ikat influence in bedding design. It's more visible close-up.

..and in upholstery.  Easier to see closeup–this is a sort of  “animal print/ikat’ style.

Overall view of animal print, Ikat version

Animal print "goes Ikat," at M-Geough

A closer view of animal print, Ikat interpretation

A closer view of animal print, Ikat interpretation

Pillows get into the act, also

More Ikat-look

More of the Ikat influence

When I got to the Edelman leathers showroom, the beautiful displays were really inspiring. For example, just one of their walls of color and texture:

Edelman leather

One "wall of color" at Edelman leather

More: a closeup of another section. Embossed, Furry, and in hundreds of colors.

Colors at Edelman

Dimension, color, and pattern in leather at Edelman

Do you know someone who can make a jacket for me of this beautiful embossed suede? I’d have to decide which color…

Embossed suede

Embossed Suede - and in beautiful colors, from Edelman

Last but not least, something really fun and dramatic for the right update-project:

Love the colors of this fantastic leather

Really Different - color and texture for just the right place.

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