Thank you from DCP

Thank you!

Thanks for your interest in Designer Color Palettes, the newest addition to our professional color consultation services.

With this unique service you will be able to receive professional color advice, truly “Designer Color Palettes,” for a new look through paint colors for your home or other building. This can be for any type of architecture or building size and use, interior or exterior.

The consultation process consists of these basic steps

  1. Gathering information about your project through your responses in our personal Integral Color Design Profile, which you will have access to once you have expressed your interest in going forward.
  2. You’ll select the level of consultation that you require; you may have already decided on your colors and want to see them digitally on your house image, or you might need some professional color help. It’s all here for you to choose.
  3. You’ll email me the relevant digital images of your project (See our Photo Tips for the best results).
  4. Payment of the invoice for services that you’ll receive from me through Paypal, or from me directly if you pay by check.
  5. Our subsequent email and phone communications as needed.
  6. You will receive your color recommendations, per your request.
  7. Wherever possible, I will also have larger color sheets sent to you from the paint company (or, more than one) whose colors are included in the recommendation.

You will be hearing from me about your upcoming Integral Color Design Profile.
I look forward to being of service in creating your most beautiful, personal, supportive spaces–from the outside in!


Barbara Jacobs
Integral Color Solutions for Architecture and Interiors

PS: Design/build and painting professionals, please ask about a trade account.

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