The Ultimate Painted House(s):are you ready for this?

Are you ready for this?Tribal art in South Africa - an inspiration
Beadwork and Painting of the Ndebele women.      Click on the image to go to our Design Library, where you can order this book.

Decorative, functional and symbolic, the art of the tribal Ndebele women of South Africa continues to amaze us with its beauty, simplicity, and drama.

This book was first published in 1986. Many of the buildings shown are no longer standing, giving us even more reason to appreciate these amazing painted dwellings and the people who created them.

I could not say it better, so will quote from the statement of Nadine Gordimer on the book’s flyleaf.

“Margaret Courtney-Clarke’s book is a revelation…of a glorious continued existence, under the most destructive forms of physical and psychological hardship imaginable, of an artistic culture at the very center of life itself.  The art of the Ndebele women is uniquely rooted in that guardianship; its canvas is the shrine of the home, where children are conceived and reared and family life is housed in the spirit.  The beauty of this book is unsurpassed in its combination of content and meaning. Its art is also the art of life.

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2 Responses to “The Ultimate Painted House(s):are you ready for this?”

  1. Scott Courtenay-Smith

    My wife being from South Africa introduced me to the Mdebele houses. So inspirational. Home as a work of art! Also check out interiors of homes in Soweto– food packages and such as wall paper…


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