Tips and Views on the meaning of cost–and the cost of color.

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From remodeling your home to mowing your lawn…What is often at the top of a list of hesitations?
“Price” or “Cost” often includes much more than an exchange of money.

Let’s say, for the sake of this discussion, that it can be the cost of professional services.

What does this have to do with remodeling, color, and design?
As with most discussions there are various ways to look at the subject. Ultimately, the question would be “processed-focused” or “outcome-focused.

Looking at “Cost vs. Pleasure”
Cost is outlay of cash
Cost is the level of perceived value
Cost is “Doing it yourself”

  • Time to do the project
  • The “learning curve,”  if it’s something you have not done before
  • Quality of the outcome, value over time

More cost also often happens if you do not engage a qualified professional.

take a bath

You can even take a bath in your DIY bath house!

Pleasure of spending money? If you have the resources this can be unimportant or even pleasurable. But pleasure thrives in the value of creating or producing something yourself, the Satisfaction of “Doing it yourself”

  • Enjoying making Time to do the project
  • Enjoying your Achievements in mastering new challenges
  • Appreciating the outcome has value over time
  • In some cases your results don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to be valuable

Pleasure in having engaged a trusted, qualified professional, is a form of “passive participation.”

An “outcome-focused” view depends on your goals
What is your biggest obstacle, for either or both of these positions?

a) as a provider of professional services
b) if you are considering hiring professional help

It’s an important subject from either side and I hope you will share your thoughts and experiences.

For me, one pleasure that’s worth the cost: getting the windows of my house cleaned…Professionally!

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  1. Patricia K. Roche

    My company is Cloud 103 Art Work. I enjoyed your writing so very much. You were so open with sharing how to’s and drawing people right into the subject being discussed. You make it sound easy and fun while learning something new. Thank you for being so down to earth and so open, bright, well informed and willing to share. Patricia Roche, Louisburg, KS


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