Tips for Testing Paint Colors and “Faux” Samples on a “Small Wall”

Getting ready to paint? Try these tips for testing your color choices
Testing paint colors on a surface large enough to see the color is critical to making your best color decisions. Now, Small Wall paint testing boards are finally available from Amazon…you don’t even have to go to a store to get it.
Just click on the picture above!

Tip 1: Tools
Use a foam or microfiber roller, 4″ or 6″ size is fine, to apply paint to your Small Wall boards. Do NOT use a brush. Be sure to evenly coat the entire surface of your Small Wall sample board. Use 2 coats of paint, just as you would if painting your own walls. Color always comes out better with the 2nd coat.

Tip 2: Coverage
Using 2 coats of your paint  is the best way to see the true color. That’s how you would be painting your walls. On Small Walls you don’t need a primer, but when you’re ready to paint on your walls, use the right primer for best results.

Tip 3: Deep Base Colors
Don’t expect all deep-base colors to cover in 2 coats. Because of the way paints are made, the deep base colors are often less opaque. So for a sample, you might need more applications.   In the case of deep base colors, you can get the primer tinted to the same formula as your top coat. Then, 2 coats of finish will probably do it!

Tip 4: Enjoy!
Small Wall can be moved around your room, repositioned to see the color from many angles. There are 2 to a pack, so you can do 2 pieces of 1 color, or 1 piece each of 2 different colors. Changing your mind? You can re-paint Small Wall as many times as you like.

I’ve tested these with my new paint colors and love the results.

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  1. debrta disman

    Great tip Barbara!
    Lori Sawaya just mention Small Wall on her latest post…so it must be a fab product! Thanks Again!


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