Traveling Toes and Other Color Inspirations

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At the airport…waiting in line, I noticed this amusing color story: reverse/matching toes and shoes.  Looking for a reason to talk about it I just decided to post it anyway.

Toes and Shoes

At the airport - I did not stand next to her for color purposes! Check out the colors of toes and shoes

You never know when a color inspiration will strike!

This is the kind of thing that just brings a bright spot to a day, when you look up and see a color connection. Maybe it’s even your view through a window to the outside, as you see something in your immediate space that connects visually with something in another room or exterior.

I like to think of this as a way we can include our surprise inspirations in our interior or exterior color plans. In this client’s house, for instance, the front door, when open, coordinates with and reflects some of the colors in the entry.

Medfield, Mass. view 2 Medfield, Mass. view 1
It just adds a level of detail that you can be on the lookout for in your own interior design and exterior paint color projects.
all photos: ©B.Jacobs2010

A few more color inspirations


From the garden.

Viburnam in May

Viburnum: With one of my upcoming new paint colors in the background.

Click on the Viburnum image above to receive information.


Love those beautiful cloud views!

Pastoral View

After the rain...

Do you have some special color inspirations you’d like to share? Please do so! They can be interior or exterior.

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  1. aneyefordetail

    Barbara: We just “met” through Rachel!
    The photo of the viburnum and pear/moss green is fabulous. Love love the combination.
    I’ll be back…


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