Want to Feel More Creative? Use these 9 Tips to add a creativity menu to your day.

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I’m thinking about it like this: Loving waking up feeling creative. Ok, realistically, it does not happen every single day. But I’m realizing there is a way to experience it More and More. So this is what I came up with: A “creativity menu.”

Does it sound crazy? Maybe so, but I have to say it’s Delicious! You don’t have to be in a field like art, design, color consulting, writing, architecture—or anything else typically with the ‘creative’ designation—but  just about any profession or business has a creative aspect to it. So to stretch the typical assumption of the word a bit, this can apply to a much broader range.

Basically, it’s pretty short and sweet, and goes something like this:

–The Main Dish – what’s your focus, and long-range plans, overall?

–Dream big – be inclusive, not restrictive. After all, who’s going to criticize you? You’re probably your own worst critic (topic for another time, certainly)

–Do something physical, get out of your head (and a bit out of your mind).

–Do a ‘process dump’ and approach everything from a new direction. Get up on the Other side of your bed.

–Listen to music – any kind you like.

–Play music, sing, and dance—whenever and as much as possible. Even if you don’t really feel like it.

–Look around  you in the world, near or far.  What’s happening that you find visually and emotionally exciting?

–Enjoy some time with friends – in person

–And…remember to eat something delicious!

–When you begin a new project, try to get something significant done on it before jumping to something else.

The tough part
Having such a big vision and many ideas each with a focus that is unique, yet part of the whole, can get frustrating. That “keep focus” part requires so much patience, yet is so rewarding.

What I’ve found is that when I complete one “big dream” idea, another pops up in it’s place, joining the group. Not being bored, and being engaged in the process, is wonderful.

To share a recent creative project with you, I introduce you to Windows to Imagination / coloring Your way to stress relief and meditation.  This is the coloring book and color journal I wrote over the past year, which was published during the summer of 2016. It’s available through Amazon.com.

Check out the back cover

Windows to Imagination - back cocver

Click on the front book cover image below to see it on Amazon.com and check out the reviews.


Some of the drawings came from…Well, I’m actually not sure what the inspiration was, but they emerged, and as I just went with what was happening and enjoyed the process, I as was surprised and delighted to see them. It’s an art medium and style I’ve never experienced doing before (that is the “something new” part).  Those drawings play a big part in the book and are the reason for writing it in the first place. The other section of the images for coloring was inspired by my textile design patterns that include varied scales of floral, geometric, and other pattern styles. Some are very complex and more dense, some are very open and more ‘simple.’ But in all cases, each has it’s own coloring journal page following the image.

It’s well known that “coloring” helps offer stress relief in any language, and I’m happy to contribute to the solution. At one of the book signing events, where I always like to bring some coloring materials and enjoy chatting with people, one 7-year old was overheard to say “This is relaxing!”  I guess even young kids get stressed, also.

There’s information here about art and color techniques, color psychology, tips for ‘looking and seeing,’ creating your own versions of each image on the page, and more, for people who want to get into that part a bit. Not too much text – maybe 1 to 2 pages for each of the subjects.

Some of the feedback I’ve had is that this book is so different from any other coloring book “out there” and that people who want some art and color technique info can find it here with the tips and information. Others can just jump right in and color! Each image has it’s own color journal page, and a special quote for each one from a variety of sources. I”ll let you be surprised about that.

Over the past couple of months I’ve enjoyed doing some “meet the author” presentations, and these pictures are just a few from those times.


I’d made some 5″x7″ coloring cards for people to use at these events. What a variety of expression!


Conversation and concentration are part of the fun.



Sometimes young folks come along also, and just do their own thing!



Two people took turns and made this collaboration. After all, coloring in a group can be a collaborative experience,  even just from being in the same space together.

I’m working on a few exciting followup ideas and will write about them when they’re ready.
Meanwhile, Let your Creativity Flower!

Do  you like to “color” or know others who enjoy it?
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