What do you Not want to do today? Asking for your tips!

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What do you Not want to do today?

For me, today it’s painting shutters instead of writing a blog post; or instead of working on one of the many new rug designs in progress; or even selecting new paint colors for my own little interior project—reviving a former bedroom occupied by one or another of our children over the years.

OK, so I took a break from the shutter work. After all, client projects are much more enjoyable!

Italy in Massachusetts
More interesting than painting my peeling shutters! (photo by B.Jacobs)


The particular pair of exterior shutters I’m talking about (yes, just 2 of them!) has been in my studio since last Fall, over the entire winter. Even with a great place to work on projects like this in any season, I didn’t have to try too had to walk by them and look the other way every time I was doing something more “immediate” and enjoyable, even painting up color samples.

Now, finally, it’s almost Fall again and the prep is done.  I’m on to the surface color, so the end is in sight and, once done, I might even get to organizing the office and studio –again.

The point is, that every time I actually accomplish a long-procrastinated task, the reward is so much sweeter—as in, “I Finally did it!”
Here’s my color celebration, in advance!

Color Celebration
Image Source: iofoto at VEER


The trick is to find the creative in the mundane.

What are Your tips for doing this?

2 Responses to “What do you Not want to do today? Asking for your tips!”

  1. debra disman

    Very salient subject, Barbara! Procrastination is hard to get ahead of (!), and also, most of us just seem to have way too much to reasonably do in a day or week…the Internet never stops! Speaking of which, I had better get on my weekly blog post…couldn’t do it Tuesday night, like I usually do, as I also actually took some time off to celebrate a Friend’s birthday! Ta ta!

  2. kristie@thedecorologist

    I make my to-do list (not the things I WANT to do), then after I check at least one off, I allow myself to work on something I’d rather! I have to give myself little rewards along the way so I can trudge through the mundane! Chocolate helps, too 🙂


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