What more is there to say about color?

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post here. “Been So Busy…” is what people often say. I guess it’s true that I have ‘been busy.’ But here’s the thing. So much to think about color, so much to say, so little time, and so forth.

I just decided to Ask! What would you like to hear about?
It could be one of these topics but feel free to add your own requests!

  • Interior color ideas?
  • Exterior color ideas?
  • Paint or other materials?
  • Color Theory?
  • Client questions?
  • Full Spectrum Paint color questions?
  • Coordinating paint and furnishings?
  • What is supportive color?
  • Applied color psychology?
    …and more?

My own list of potential posts is much longer than that of course, but sometimes it’s also good to ask for suggestions.

Let me know, and let’s share some color stories and tips.

New England Peaches

Yes, it’s a bowl of peaches!

Just the image to inspire a dramatic “Fall” palette for interior and exterior house colors.
Take your pick, and make the most of how you use them.
Warning: A little bit goes a long way!

Meanwhile, enjoy the end of Summer. I know I will.

5 Responses to “What more is there to say about color?”

  1. diane

    Nice to see a blog post from you since it has been awhile. I would appreciate and enjoy reading about upcoming color trends and the reason for color choices as well as more inspiration like this great painting!

    • Barbara Jacobs

      Hi Diane,
      thanks for your comment. I will move your “early responder” requests to the top of my new list and hope to get to it a bit in the near future. I see at least 3 topics in your note. I’m happy you like the image!

  2. Ann J Chapdelaine

    Rules for Color Placement are needed. People want to pick out and color the wrong elements especially on interior and exterior architectural details . Design lessons on advancing and receeding principles are needed.

  3. Marcia

    I always love pictures of interior & exteriors with a detailed explanation of ‘why?’ a particular color or scheme was used.


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