What’s New, Now? Coloring – and More!

What’s New, Now?

Give a gift and a smile with this great little gift item I just had to share!
You might even say, ” it’s Hot!”

unique artistic coffee mugs

These represent just a few of my images that you can purchase made into a variety of art prints and home furnishings, available at http://www.bjacobsfineart.com

Wearables: bring more artful color into your life with
unique personal style.

Unique colorful clothing and home decor for you.

This is just one example of how you can add some color to your personal style with a variety of dramatic and sophisticated surface designs in unique clothing and accessories. Check out all of Barbara’s designs.

Coloring and Stress-Relief is Here Now!
Open your windows…
Experience a preview
and order now from Amazon.com

Windows to Imagination

A new way for you to personally relieve stress,
change your state of mind,
and be creative…through color and design.

So much more than just another coloring book!
Barbara Jacobs has managed to create an enjoyable, inspiring experience while teaching us about using color in art, and the psychology of color.

Seeing the beautiful, unique image designs, my heart was immediately opened.
I felt 
inspired to touch color, just to see a reflection of a part of myself.

– Julianaa Satie, Founder, School of Natural Cookery

Available now through Amazon.com.
Check out the updated Goodreads Author page to find out more!

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