When More is Better: Exterior Color Ideas

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Speaking of  your new house colors…What house colors are you planning to use? It’s time to evaluate your home for a new look.
Is it for a complete repainting of your home or other building, or maybe adding a few accents to bring some “snap” to your existing color scheme? Even a house with a conservative, subtle color palette can benefit from a small adjustment.

A few tips for individual homeowners and building professionals
When you start to think about colors for painting your existing home, a renovation, or new construction

Homeowners: new colors for any size home
From  a small Cape Cod style house to a Victorian mansion, your best color choices are the ones you carefully consider.

  • Assess the current condition of your siding, eaves, other trim and architectural details.
  • Porches are a great place to introduce new color: Floors, Ceilings, and Trim.
  • Alcoves, niches, window seats: all are candidates for minor revisions with color and sheen.
  • Even homes with less architectural detail will be more elegant and distinctive with the right color additions.
  • Are you planning some landscaping? Coordinate your house color with property updates.

Builders: Single family or a development
Building a single Spec-house, or an entire neighborhood? There’s a lot to consider when it comes to color.

  • Multiple, adjacent homes do not have to be made in the same color schemes
  • The colors you use have a lot to say to–and about–the buyers you attract.
  • The best color plan will include all your building materials to create the most interesting and appealing properties.
  • Color is what your customers will notice first. Make it count!

This picture of three houses show examples of different color schemes applied for one house, from more conservative to more dramatic.
3 color schemes, one house

Now can be the time that you expand your own color-horizons.

  • You can break out of the typical format of “3 colors” for your home.
  • Keep your house colors harmonious with your surroundings, appropriate to the architecture of your own home, and fitting in the neighborhood. All are important.
  • The key is to use the right colors in the right places, where tasteful and imaginative colors will enhance a simply-structured house as well as one with multiple architectural elements and embellishments.

Designer Color Palettes: See what your home, or other building, will look like before you paint!
In addition to my architectural color services for any type of building, inside or out, I’ve added an exciting new service for individual homeowners and other design/build professionals. With Designer Color Palettes, we’ll use colors you may have already selected but want to see how they will look. We’ll  add a few of my own recommendations, or even show you your house with colors that I’ve selected for you at your request. You can direct exactly what you want to see, and what you want help with.

Don’t be left out in the cold…Weather, that is.
Beautiful days inspire us to get out the paint brushes for a new Spring look. But first, register at the D+D web site and read this important article from Durability + Design.

Share your favorite house colors! What are they?
Let us know!

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