Who were you when you were a kid?

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“Tiny House Living” makes me remember.
Not that I lived in such a tiny house…well, actually it was sort of tiny, just not quite as tiny as the mini-dwellings created by Vermonter  Derek Diedricksen. I recently saw the PBS program where he appeared as a guest of Emily Rooney on Boston’s Channel 2.

Here’s just one example of a tiny getaway in Vermont. Find out more about Derek’s approach to gleaning supplies and turning them into small buildings.

Tiny house hickshaw

It's a bird, it's a plane...it's a HickShaw! Tiny house on wheels.

How Green can it be?
Derek is the consummate Found Object Artisan. A perfect example of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
Not polished, exotic, or elusive, his tiny buildings are Fun, Functional, and easy to Fabricate.  The ultimate in coziness.

HIck Shaw interior

One view of the HickShaw interior, with Derek's book on the mat.

Derek’s description of his favorite childhood pastimes that led him to expressing that passion in a uniquely creative business,  just got me thinking about what I liked to do when I was young. Well, our inspirations can come from unlikely sources.

Looking back, I see the connections. Drawing with chalk on a wall-sized slate blackboard, creating “art clubs” in which my friends would come over and we would do art projects together, helping my parents pick colors for our bedrooms—I could keep going. Having plenty of art supplies of all types around, and available to use, made this easy. Later, keeping my artist father company in his studio and “helping” him with his work. It’s no surprise that I’m most comfortable surrounded by an assortment of art materials in varying stages of being used, and that I have the desire to share this with others.

It’s a simple reminder to us, to keep our minds and eyes open and pursue our inner directions!  Where does it take us? The road is bound to be interesting.

How about you?
Can you connect the dots from childhood pleasures and interests to adult activities and careers?

Please share them!

4 Responses to “Who were you when you were a kid?”

  1. debra disman

    Interesting- just read article in Entrepreneur Magazine, entitled, “One man’s trash”, about green companies..
    I might say, creating in the outer world, to match or express the inner one.
    Still doing it.
    Thanks for the post.

  2. Deek

    Hey, thanks for the post and the kind words. I’m enjoying perusing through your site. Keep up the great work!

    -Derek/Deek Diedricksen


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